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What is php symphony ?

For a directed use of php which is an object oriented language as well as to make it more efficient, there are frameworks such as Symfony. These are frameworks with which php codes will be used to achieve a specific result. It is primarily a question of knowing what Symfony is and what it represents for a php programming.

Getting to know Symfony

By definition, according to web specialists, Symfony is a set of php components that is a framework for creating web application. But to this definition have been added the words "a philosophy and a community that work together". It is the largest php framework that helps in page design, site or web applications. This framework consists of a batch of reusable and tenfold components on which are created the best web applications to find what is best with the php language. The definition of Symfony tends to describe it as a way to lead php to a higher level. This means that there is a spirit with this framework which is to promote the professionalism, interoperability and standardization of applications created with php.

Why use Symfony?

It is always better to use a framework, but choosing Symfony is a better choice with php. The use of this framework is essentially strategic. The first reason that should encourage professionals to use this device is that it is very well known and has since its creation a community of php developers who specialize in the manipulation of this tool in an environment stable. Recently, it has been issued a MIT license that allows Symfony to be an open source tool which means free. It has all the characters to search by a developer, it is flexible, fast and reusable components which allows a good restructuring of the created object. But the most important reason is that it is interoperable, it allows to work precisely, that is to say it does not block in a single object but can be used to achieve the accuracy of the object. Application.